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'''Fernando Pereira''' (Chaves, Portugal, May 10, 1950 – Auckland, New Zealand, July 10, 1985) was a freelance Netherlands|Dutch photographer, of Portugal|Portuguese origin, who drowned when France|French intelligence (DGSE) Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior|detonated a bomb and sank the ''Rainbow Warrior'', owned by the environmental organisation Greenpeace on July 10, 1985. The bombing of the boat had been designed to make the ship unsalvageable. The first smaller bomb bent the shaft, making repair uneconomic. Pereira stayed inside the boat to get his camera and other pieces of equipment. The second, more powerful explosion, designed to sink the boat, caused a huge inrush of seawater that drowned Pereira. The ''Rainbow Warrior'' led a flotilla of yachts protesting against French nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia and was about to depart Auckland for...
Birth name| birth_date = {{Birth date|1950|5|10}}
Birth placeChaves, Portugal|Chaves, Portugal
Death date{{Death date and age|1985|07|10|1950|05|10}}
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